Universities & Institutes List

UK Universities:

With a Partnership with different agencies such as UKEC & ApplyBoard, WAM Agency can apply for you to more than 100 UK Universities sponsored by the Saudi Government, too. Some of the best Universities we can apply for you are:

  1. Edinburgh

  2. Manchester

  3. Nottingham

  4. Birmingham

  5. Durham

  6. Lancaster

  7. Aberystwyth

  8. Aston

  9. Sheffield

  10. Southampton

  11. Leeds

  12. Liverpool

  13. York

  14. Glasgow

  15. Bristol

  16. Bath

  17. Sussex

  18. Exeter

  19. Essex

  20. Swansea

In addition, if you are self-funded and want to study in any other university, WAM can assist you with that.

USA Universities:

WAM Agency can provide you with an offer from different US universities that the Saudi Government sponsors, too. These universities are:

  1. Arizona State

  2. Iowa State

  3. University of Arizona

  4. University of California, Irvine

  5. University of Illinois Chicago

  6. Utah

  7. Washington State University

  8. Johns Hopkins University

Moreover, WAM can apply for you in more than 100 US Universities if you are self-funded and want to study in a university that is not found in the Saudi Imdad Program.